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August 10, 2017
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September 22, 2017
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Investing your hard-earned money in buying a new abode demands thoughtfulness. With a bunch of trends and options floating around in the market, it is likely for a home buyer to get attracted to a property that’s unworthy and expensive. Arun Dev Builders, standing tall amongst the top builders in India, suggests things that homebuyers must look for while investing in a new house or revamping an existing one.

Architecturally-unique yet practical layout: A beautiful patio or a cosy backyard in the outdoors is much better than indoor space wasters, such as long hallways and massive stairwells. A combination of architectural uniqueness and practicality is, thus, you must look for.


Smart storage: Your new home must have ample storage space for organised and clutter-free keeping of household essentials. Make sure that it features everything from thoughtfully-designed spacious closets in the bedroom to a copiously-spaced storage room in the basement.


Windows and appliances: A great way for would-be buyers to limit expenses on utility bills is to choose a property fitted with efficient, Energy Star-qualified appliances and HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling equipment). Also, make sure that the windows feature vacuum-sealed spaces, invisible glass coating and weather-proof stripping and framing to control undesirable heat loss or gain.



Lighting: Look for a house that gets abundant natural light in the daytime as it will be good for your health. You could also create magical effects for the latter part of the day with aesthetically-placed pendant and spotlights in the interiors and attention-grabbing walkway, and motion-sensor lights dotting the exteriors.


Hardwood floors: Hardwood flooring is a growing trend. This pocket-friendly flooring option exudes a timeless appeal. Also, it is very durable and doesn’t demand much maintenance. With little refinishing and a few touch-ups, hardwood floors can easily last a lifetime.


Wish to own a luxurious and elusive house that offers you all of these? Simply visit and get in touch with realty experts of Arun Dev Builders to buy the house of your dreams.

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