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March 22, 2017
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Portable home: A concept that facilitate mobile living

Portable home, arun dev builders

Are you tired of living in the same location but unwilling to change your dream home? Don’t worry! The architects of Arun Dev Builders Ltd have come up with an interesting idea of building a residential tower comprising of portable apartment units. The concept would bring in a paradigm shift in the way we perceive homes .

Portable home is a structure designed to be movable rather than permanently situated. This would allow the homeowners to haul their house with them wherever they travel – be it for a weekend break or for longer durations. The idea of portable home is currently at a nascent stage and might take a few years before it is brought to existence.

The structure will be designed keeping in mind that they can be easily carried on a huge lorry and flung on and off using a crane. As a matter of fact, this project would endow us with state-of-the-art and  an ecologically viable solution for living in urban areas.

“We are equipped with the right technology to build with fewer materials and reduce our dependence on nature, but we continue to do so causing harm to the very surroundings we live in ,” said an expert from Arun Dev Builders.

The company envisions designing apartment units with green roofs and a proper set up for recycling water. The first unit would be constructed six meters above the ground and would reduce congestion in heavily populated areas.

The building will have a small projection area on the ground, intended to facilitate excellent functionality in urban areas, where space is limited. It would take a while before the idea becomes the brick and mortar of a fine residential marvel. However, the brains behind this project believe that with rising public interest it will soon become a reality.



  1. Preeti Rathore says:

    Awesome idea to live in an adventurous way. I really love this type of housing we all have got bored with living in that traditional way. In order to relieve stress from life we have to take to do something diffrent like prota homes. thank you arun dev builders for great idea.

  2. Piyush Bharadwaj says:

    Wow i just love this concept of living in portable homes. This would be a amazing experience.

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  4. Geeta Sharma says:

    Wow, amazing plan and so innovative idea. Never thought of a portable home. Marvelous thinking, you can just move wherever you need to. Just amazing. Thumbs up for Arun Dev Builders.

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