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How to choose a Vastu oriented property while purchasing a house

vastu tips for homes

It is important for buyers not to ignore the ‘VastuShastra’ norms while purchasing a house. It is obvious that all the apartments don’t comply with these norms, so the buyers have the choice of making corrections or arrangements even if they don’t get the ideal property. Also, buying a property from Vastu-oriented developers like Arun Dev Builders is not a bad idea.

vastu tips for homes

If the property is not Vastu-oriented, it can create unrest in the occupants’ minds leading to several other problems in life. A home that complies with 70-80 percent of Vastu-norms can be a safe pick for the wellbeing of occupants.

A buyer must consider following Vastu norms before buying a house:

  1. South-west facing homes must be avoided.
  2. A buyer should purchase a house with all the 4 corners intact.
  3. A north-east direction for a staircase should be avoided.
  4. A perfect direction for a master bedroom is south-west and south-east direction is not recommended.
  5. As suggested by Arun Dev Builders, a kitchen should not be in the north-east direction. It should be either in the south-east or north-west direction.
  6. The north-west direction is perfect for toilets and north-east direction must be avoided.

 Homes with a huge number of Vastu faults can be corrected through traditional methods. These methods include using mirrors, colors and special metallic wires. The faults that cannot be rectified fully without demolition include problem pertaining to the wrong placement of toilets, kitchens, and staircases. One can reconstruct the particular area with Vastu fault if it is manageable. Also, the presence of high voltage wires passing over a house is also considered to be a Vastu defect, which can be fixed by incorporating a plastic pipe filled with lime from one corner to another.

How some of the Vastu defects can be fixed even after buying a house:

  1. If the placement of furniture is not right according to Vastu-norms, it can be corrected by changing the position.
  2. One can easily change the inappropriate colors.
  3. Cooking direction can be altered to avoid Vastu effects.
  4. The placement and direction of toilet basin can be easily altered.
  5. The direction of puja room can be changed.

According to the experts of Arun Dev Builders, even if a house complies with 50-60 percent of Vastu-norms, one can change a few things around to raise the norms to 70-80 percent to avoid unrest in the occupants’ minds.





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